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01 April 2012 @ 05:37 pm
I love YoonHae, and I feel blessed to be in a SuperGeneration subfandom such as Pyrotechnics. I may not be that vocal among the Pyros (in fact, maybe I only posted once or twice in Pyro's forum), but I check the forum very, very frequently. Most of the times, I am so proud of this fandom. The people there are super nice -and what I like the most is that Pyro generally refrain themselves from fanwar. The admins of YoonHae Forum also often reprimand the members not to insult other pairing or to instigate any fanwar. That earns my total respect.

However, I can't help but to feel sad lately. I often heard that Pyro is dubbed as one of the "quietest" fandom, often mistreated, often attacked by other pairings' fandoms.

BUT  what my eyes are truly seeing... lately we, Pyro, haven't been that nice either. PLEASE note, I don't mean to generalize all Pyros. I stick to my belief that most of the Pyros are really, really, really nice. But a small part of us... sadly can even be more hostile than those other pairings' fandoms.

I've heard where Pyro complained how IceFishies keep coming to YoonHae video just to say "Haesica is real!" or something. But I also witness it myself how Pyro come to Haesica video to say "Haesica is fake. Yoonhae is real" or something. It's...really unsettling. Where is the peaceful Pyros that I've loved? I agree, it hurts a lot when our Yoonhae is attacked, but to me, attacking back is NOT mature at all. 

Defending YoonHae is fine. But attacking the others are never fine.

My OTP will remain YoonHae, but the fanwar gets ridiculous. 

I may not have any right to say this. But to any other pairings who are offended, I apologize. Please, please believe that not all Pyro are rude. Let's just happily ship our pairings!
25 March 2012 @ 05:09 pm

Once Upon a Time: Gretel
Chapter 2 (Part 1)

The Witch

"Nibble nibble, little mouse,

Who's that nibbling at my house?"

Her mouth was plastered and her wrists were tied together with his red tie. Heechul laid the cold-hearted girl on the meeting table in the vacant office room and climbed the table himself. He hovered over her and his knee was pressed against her lacy navy panty. Her white shirt was already unbuttoned before the guy unclasped her matching navy bra.

His lips touched the peak of her breast, kissed it, and sucked on it.

Despite her stoic demeanor, Jessica could not help but to moan through her gags. His tongue expertly nibbled on her nipple and his finger stroked hard on her clit.

Her fist tightened. There was a feeling of self-loathing and desperation building up inside her.

How many times had they done it? Five times? Seven times? It had only been three months since she worked together with Kim Heechul in the same company, but curse her, she was already involved in one (or rather, seven) of the Casanova’s peculiar sex games. In her defense (her weak defense), there was nothing she could do to resist this guy. Heechul loved kinky sex and he often mandated her to oblige. The first time they had done it was at the end of their second week of working together, after office hours, where he suddenly dragged her into one of the janitor’s small room and forced his way on her.

But Jessica could not blame him or called their interaction as rape. She was not always willing, but there was something about Heechul, something about the way she hated him, something about the way he intrigued her, something about his beauty, which always, alwayssecretly enthralled her to him.

Heechul carelessly stripped the plaster off her mouth. Her eyes shone coldness and the words rolled out of her pink lips in ire. “I hate you.”

He only smirked, ripped her panty, and quickly thrust inside her.

She gasped.

“You may hate me,” he murmured in between his lust-driven pants. “But you cannot deny your attraction to me.”

“I really, really hate you.”

“I love it when you hate me,” he said as his lips were pulled into a debonair smile, that God, still made her stomach secretly churned.

He was really beautiful, too beautiful. She could not trust beautiful things. She hated beautiful things. Perhaps that was one of the reasons why she secretly hated Krystal, why she even hated herself. But Jessica could not deny the way she was always drawn to these beautiful things. She protected Krystal very much, she was deeply attracted to Kim Heechul, and she guarded herself with her high inner walls.

Contradiction became her way of life. 

They continued to eat, without being distracted. Hansel, who very much liked the taste of the roof, tore down another large piece, and Gretel poked out an entire round windowpane.

Before she could help herself, Jessica was pulled too deep into the man that Heechul was. She tried to find reasons herself of how could this man captivated her that much. He was selfish, he was indeed a player, he was narcissistic, he was temperamental, and he cared for no one other than himself. Sometimes she thought that it was a good thing God created him as a beautiful creature, or else, nobody would ever bother to get to know him at all.

Jessica was passing through the office’s dark corridor when she caught the sight of Heechul shamelessly fucking his other female co-worker. The ceiling lamps were dim (after all it was 11 PM and almost all of her other colleagues had left for home), but the Ice Princess could still see him clearly.

His back was pressed to the wall and the girl he was fucking seemed to be totally blinded by lust to be aware of Jessica –who was standing several feet away behind her. Heechul noticed Jessica’s presence and even when his lips were too preoccupied in kissing the random girl, he still winked flirtatiously at the cold-hearted orphan girl.

Bastard, Jessica thought inwardly. But she knew she had no reasons to be jealous. She did not want to possess Heechul by herself and that was why she never cared if he fucked other girls mindlessly. Besides, her relationship with him was pretty vague to begin with. She was not his girlfriend; she was only one of Heechul’s sex partners.

Only that.

With this thought affirmed in her head, Jessica turned away from the sick scene and walked to the elevator.

Oh, how the poor little sister sobbed as she was forced to carry the water, and how the tears streamed down her cheeks! 

Ever since their childhood time, Krystal followed what Jessica did. Krystal copied Jessica’s hairstyle, Krystal imitated Jessica’s make-up, Krystal went into the college Jessica had been, and now, Krystal entered the company Jessica was working in.

To other people, Krystal was such an adorable, cute little sister that Jessica should have been proud of. Oh yes. Jessica was proud of Krystal. She was proud of how beautiful Krystal was, she was proud of how Krystal could get everything she wanted with just those cute puppy eyes of her, she was proud of how Krystal (despite the younger Jung’s attempts to always mimic her) was the complete opposite of her. There was a dark, indescribable feeling that Jessica felt towards her sister and sometimes the older girl felt that her promise to her mother years ago was her curse.

Probably it was only Heechul who knew the complexity of her relationship with her sister. And it was clearly only him who dared to rub salt to her secret wound so daringly.

She could sense the way Heechul’s mind worked when he first met Krystal.

“Don’t even think of it,” Jessica said out of the blue when she and Heechul spent another night in the bar, silently infusing alcohol into their system.

The playboy did not even bother to prolong the conversation by asking what she meant. Sometimes, he knew Jessica the best. “Krystal? Why not?”

“She’s too good for you. Do not taint my sister.”

Heechul chuckled darkly. “You want to protect your sister? Or is it 22 years worth of jealousy I am sensing?”

Jessica slammed her glass to the bar’s table. “I mean it, Kim Heechul. I don’t care that you fuck any other girls. But not Krystal. NeverKrystal. You understand?”

He snorted. “And why should I pay heed to your warning, my dear Sickal?” he asked as his hand slowly crept beneath her brown hair, touching the sensitive spot at the back of her neck.

“Because believe me, you’re gonna regret it if you ever lay a hand on her.”

Her glance was cold, unforgiving, and certainly not one to be regarded lightly. Heechul snickered. He loved that glare of her. Besides, he was not really interested in the cute type like Krystal anyway. It was pushing Jessica’s buttons that he craved the most. “Alright. I promise I won’t taint her.”

Jessica nodded absentmindedly. As a silent reward for Heechul’s promise, she slightly parted her legs away and the guy’s fingers slipped inside her panty just below the bar table.

06 January 2012 @ 06:02 pm
How...on earth could they do this to YoonHae?!!!

Donghae is officially on WGM. I'm bawling my heart out.
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02 January 2012 @ 12:44 am
I ship Super Generation a lot. Seeing their interactions and their joint performance always make me giddy (one prime example today was the "Moves Like Jagger" collab... although I admit that none of the pairings I ship are there... T-T, but still, FTW SuGen!).

Anyway, today I'm going to have an essay (haha) about my OTPs in SuGen:


1. Heechul x Jessica (HeeSica)

(By the way, I love HeeSica and YoonHae equally, but I fell in love with HeeSica first, so I put it there first.) 

How and why I ship them?
Heesica, Heesica, HeeSica. I'm an Aristocrat, although I may not express it out loud often. I just love everything about this couple. The funny thing is I used to dislike Jessica compared to the other SNSD girls (And now, for around 5 months, she's been # 1 on my SNSD bias list) but as I learn about her personality more (and after watching Suju's Gee performance in SS2 DVD), oh my God... I seriously believe no one can be Heechul's partner other than Jessica. 

I always love 'symmetrical' pairing, that is, a pair who resembles each other in a way or two. While I understand no one can really be Kim Heechul (he's one of a kind, that guy, seriously), but I think he resembles Jessica a lot. I perceive them both as people who believe in what they believe, introvert (Heechul might be bipolar, I think he's introvert in a way or two),  they don't really care how people see them as, individual yet spoiled at the same time.... Some argue that because they resemble each other too much, they look like sibling more. I will elaborate more on that later.

It's just that simply, both of them are 'difficult' people. But if combined together, they will make not a cute couple, but a very quirky, weird, and again...difficult couple. But that's exactly why I ship them!

My favorite moment of them...
  • SM Town Paris, when the big screen captured how Heechul whispered something to Jessica. And how they walked away together (with Heechul's hand seemingly rested on Jessica's waist)
  • On one of Heechul's YoungStreet program, where After School becomes his guest star, Heechul makes a joke about Jessica ("Jessi-Car") and he suddenly looks embarrassed. This cutie... It's like deep inside he is really fond of Jessica, and he's shy about it... *biased*
  • The epic Barbie Girl Performance + its behind the scene. SKINSHIP!! hahaha. And how Hee teased Sica when they were practicing the dance + on the performance when Hee supports Sica ("I say Je, You say Sica!") T-T. Heechul... protect the girl forever, will you?

How I think their relationship will be real *hopefully*
Unfortunately, my realistic side somehow doubt they will get real. 

But IF there's the tiniest chance, here's how I'd like to imagine:
Heesica will be the type of relationship where "the person who you're looking for all along is actually very nearby." I don't doubt that they care about each other. Heechul already said that he's really close to Jessica and although Jessica might not be too vocal about it, but I believe she also sees Heechul as one of her closest male friend. Sometimes, I agree with those who think that their relationship is more like brother-sister kind of relationship.

IF this ever gets real, I think both Heechul and Jessica will have relationship with other people first. I don't know, Heechul is obsessed with Sohee, so perhaps he will date her (although I don't think he really sees Sohee as anything more than an idol obsession, haha *biased). They will go round and round, date other people, until they reach the point where relationship is not all about passion, but it's also about comfort and trust. In the end, they will just see each other, too tired looking for the others, and settle down with each other.

.... I'm delusional, yeah. But that's what my aristocrat blood is telling me. hahaha.

2. Donghae x Yoona (YoonHae)

This is the pairing that I didn't think I will ship THIS MUCH. YoonHae used to place # 4 out of 4 of my favorite SuGen pairing. Now it becomes my favorite SuGen pairing along with HeeSica. 

How and why I ship them?
I forgot how, when, and why. I think it's because of TaeTeuk. I ship TaeTeuk prior to YoonHae and I used to google for TaeTeuk a lot. From videos, blogs, etc, I found out that there is also this other Sugen "favorite" pairing, and that is YoonHae (although later on I learned that HaeSica is more popular than YoonHae T-T). I didn't give much damn at first. I thought they were cute, but I also thought they lacked the charm and quirk I usually adore in a paring. I thought that they would be this...flat couple. Sweet and cute, but flat.

My love to them grows though, thank you for the Pyros who spread around the net and made pretty fanfics about them, gorgeous FMV, etc. However, they were still not my favorite pairing at that time.

It was when I somehow decided to make a fanfic about them. I don't even know why I wanted to write about them that time. Perhaps I was just in a mood of writing about a shy couple, and among the four (TaeTeuk, HeeSica, KyuYoung, and Yoonhae), YoonHae will fit the role the most. But I realized that I did not really know Donghae and Yoona that much. So I researched about them, their personalities, their interaction...

And as I dig their character more (for the sake of my fanfic), boy, oh boy...I fall in love. 

First, the symmetrical rule works again for me. Both are the cute, boy/girl next door type. Both are warm and friendly, but are not exactly talkative (tend to be rather quiet in each respective group, IMO). They might be shy, but I don't know, something about the way they look at each other, about their similarities, about the coincidences that are too weird to be called coincidence, I have a feeling, a strong feeling that this couple is real. Damn real. I would like to quote one of the lines in Kanae's fanfic to summarize why their relationship attracts me so much:

Their silence is loud.
As loud as the firework

(Don't you love Pyros + their philosophies?)

My favorite moment of them...

This is hard. Why? Because th ere are SO MANY of their cute moments!
  • Everytime when Yoona and Donghae "indicated" each other when they were asked about their ideal type, their preferences in relationship, etc. 
  • When Donghae unknowingly chose Yoona as the eyes he likes the most.
  • Super Junior Foresight Ep 17, when Donghae was picking up girls for Leeteuk, and Yoona's pic appeared. Then Shindong muttered out something fish and Donghae looked as if he was really trying to be objective and put his real feelings to her aside *biased*
  • The epic SS2 Backhug!!! T-T... tears of joy. Any Pyro would love that moment.
How I think their relationship will be real *hopefully*
Duh, they ARE real. hahaha. 

Angst mode : They were real. Donghae's song "Y" really indicates that he broke up with Yoona. Unlike other fans, I actually don't really other the "Y" moment. Even though it's like an almost blatant love letter, but it's a heartbreakingly sad love letter. So I "hate" it. Still wish that "Y" is Yoona, although I wish they are fixing their relationship soon.

Normal mode: They are real (should change this into "Biased mode"). haha. I know that sadly they don't have lots of interaction lately, but I believe something was there, is there, and will be there. What makes me relieved is that both Yoona and Donghae are the loyal type. So, even if they were ex bf/gf, I believe they will get together again. Or they already do? I really hope Korean ELFs and Petals rumor are true though...

3. Leeteuk x Taeyeon (TaeTeuk)

(Not gonna be as elaborative as YoonHae and HeeSica above though)

Tthis used to be my # 1 favorite, but its position shifted after some months. I still love them though. Seoul MV was what made me love this couple although perhaps I have secretly loved them even prior to seeing that MV. Both are dorky, both are the leaders/oldest, and the rumors...ah the rumors really make me feel like there are something real between them. Even now that Leeteuk is on WGM with Kang Sora... I honestly don't believe TeukSora is real. This is not because I ship TaeTeuk, but because objectively speaking, I see Leeteuk as a genius mastermind who knows how to act and please fans/PD in front of the camera. 

And Taeyeon showed signs of being jealous. hahaha. My favorite moments? In Sukira where there was this pic of Taeyeon punching Leeteuk's abs and Leeteuk fondly ruffled her hair in exchange. That's just SO adorable. Oh, now I remember. That's the pic that makes me in love with TaeTeuk (not the Seoul MV apparently). The other will be in one of the SMTown, where Leeteuk splashed wather to Taeyeon's head. <3

4. Kyuhyun x SooYoung (KyuYoung)

This is the very, very FIRST SuGen pairing that I ship. I know that I don't ship them much lately (mainly because their lack of interactions. Although I have to say I'm quite surprised that KyuYoung has a number of shipper too: Knight, raise your hand!!), but they still hold a dear place in my heart. Kyuhyun was the first guy in Suju that I like and Sooyoung was the first girl in SNSD that I like. And what makes me ship them more is because they're the Evil Pairing. Both are secretly/open bullies. I just feel that if they are together, they will make the perfect Partner-in-Crime. PLUS, fanfics about them on LJ are so damn good. 

Honestly I don't have lots of hope on this pairing's chance to be real. Mainly it's because there aren't many moments (unlike YoonHae) or the extremely bizzare-queer chance of relationship (unlike HeeSica). But again, KyuYoung will always have a special place in my heart. 

For some reasons, the 4 pairings I ship here are portrayed correctlin Suju's Gee Performance in SS2 ^^. Other than KyuYoung, I thought that I had not been in love with the other three when I first watched Suju's Gee Perf.


Pairings I like:
1. Siwon x Tiffany (SiFany)   : I just think they're a beautiful couple and they really match each other!
2. Eunhyuk x Sunny   : Because randomly, I matched them for my fanfic. Now I'm liking them.
3. Eunhyuk x Tiffany  : Perhaps because of the Fame (although I haven't watched it). But I have a feeling this will be a cute pairing.

Pairings I don't mind:
1. Eunhyuk x Hyoyeon (HyoHyuk) : I know lots of people adore them, but I just don't feel it.
2. Sungmin x Sunny (SunSun) : I know that they are both responsible for the cuteness, but I seriously think Sungmin's not Sunny's type.
3. Siwon x Yuri

Pairings I don't ship: 
1. Siwon x SooYoung (SooWon) : Nope, nope. I'm all KyuYoung. Although I don't mind a KyuYoungWon(Fany) haha.
2. Heechul x Yoona : Nope, I'm an Aristocrat & Pyro at the same time. Although I really love to make YoonChul sibling/friend portrayal because they just seem so...plausible at times.
3. Siwon x Yoona : Nope, same reason with above. Although sadly, objectively, they look too good together and they are both like the "face" of SNSD and Suju.
4. Kibum x Yoona : Nope. Although because Kibum doesn't appear much anymore, I don't even know the reason of the creation of YoonBum in the first place. Well, perhaps it's because both are the actor/actress.
5. Donghae x Tiffany : I don't know what their moments are except in Kissing You. They look cute though.
6. Donghae x Seohyun
7. Donghae x SooYoung

Pairings that I totally don't ship and can make me cry because they have chances of "ruining" my OTP:

1. SeoKyu

I'm sorry, Wires. I'm all KyuYoung AND YongSeo. I don't mean to insult, but personally, I'm feeling uncomfortable when I see SeoKyu together. Or even read that they will be paired in a fanfic. Because I know SM ships them. Because I know lots of fans are supporting them. That's why it hurts more to me.

2. HaeSica

IceFishies... again, I apologize. I respect HaeSica and IceFishies though. I think I can really (well, not literally) cry when I read/watch/see HaeSica, because admittedly, they could be real too. The high probability of them together really makes me... uneasy. I remember that thare is this uber cool fanfic (The Chaser, by haebaragi) but it's a HaeSica (and possibly YoonChul). I was and am torn. I really want to read that fic badly, but reading HaeSica scene will hurt me very much.

Funnily though, as time goes by, I'm giving this pairing a chance. After hearing Jessica's cover for "Almost", I think the song fits HaeSica (I don't mean this as an insult, honestly). And I even start to write about them. 

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01 January 2012 @ 05:51 pm

Title                       : Once Upon a Time: Gretel
Genre                    : Angst
Characters             : Jessica, Heechul, Krystal
Rating                   : M (Mature) / H
Length                  : 2 chapters (two-shots)
Word Counts         : 4.702 words (If i don't miscount) 
Warning               : smut, kink, sadistic-masochistic characters, angst, dark ending.
Summary             :
She could not trust beautiful things, but she was drawn to him. He was the sweetness of sugar and the bitterness of chocolate. She would love to have a taste so much that she would sacrifice her happy ending. A fairy tale should not have been this absurd. But she believed it nonetheless.

1st Part : Beauty is Your Curse

Don't worry, Gretel. Sleep well. God will not forsake us.Collapse )

10 September 2011 @ 04:11 pm
I'm definitely SNSD deprived lately. I check allkpop.com for like 8 times a day (and seriously, it's a lot for my standard) and still no news... SME has its lips totally sealed. All I know is that it will be around October (with Sooyoung's accident... poor girl, get well soon...). The forum in 6theory gives plenty of infos, but I don't want to have my hopes high. I mean, they're speculating SNSD comeback concept would be a fairytale / victorian concept... Goodness, if that really happens, I can't imagine how excited I would be. But since SME tends to disappoint me with their MVs and also comeback concept (PRIME example: Mr. Simple >>> Where in the MV is the kink I saw in the 2nd teaser?!!!!) ... I don't dare to dream big. 

On the lighter, happier note... SNSD and Suju will be shooting an episode of reality show together!! Yeaaah!!! It's called "Love Request" and I just hope they will get the pairing right (ahem: TaeTeuk, Yoonhae. The rest.... I don't really care much, although KyuYoung would be nice. And IF ONLY Heechul was still around, I'd love to see Heesica). Although, of course, cannot let my hope high (again).
24 August 2011 @ 11:10 pm
Title : Ms. Teddy Bear

Fandom : Super Junior - SNSD (Super Generation) / K-pop

Pairing : Donghae x Yoona

Length : One-shot (sequel to Mr. Strawberry Shortcake)

Genre : Angst, romance

Rating : PG - 13

Summary: He regretted their ended relationship. But call him an inconsistent guy, he just did not know whether to choose on his princess or his teddy bear. Donghae then began his silent quest to find what he really wanted and needed. 

And after what seemingly like few minutes (it must have been longer than that, but he felt time just flew fast when he was with her), they let go of the embrace.Collapse )

24 August 2011 @ 11:00 pm
Title : Mr. Strawberry Shortcake
Fandom : Super Junior - SNSD (Super Generation) / K-pop
Pairing : Donghae x Yoona
Genre : Angst,  romance
Rating : PG - 13
Summary : Yoona had made herself Donghae’s girlfriend for a couple of months already. He was caring, he was sweet, he was the perfect boyfriend and everything she ever needed.  But as much as he liked her, she knew that he could never love her back, as Donghae still secretly loved Jessica. It was up to Yoona to fight for her very own strawberry shortcake or to give it to her beloved unnie. 

“Don’t get me wrong, Donghae. I’m not asking for commitment or anything. I just want to know. So… yes or no?”Collapse )
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24 August 2011 @ 10:41 pm
I finally recover my password for this account! Gosh, I'm so glad. I did manage another LJ, but the account's name is not my usual net name, so I often feel that it's not really that personal. But now I got my 'pinboo' LJ account back! Yay!!

Honestly, it feels weird to write here again. I looked at my earlier posts in this account that dated like 4 years ago and goodness...I could not believe I wrote those! Now I'm embarrassed! Hahahaha. But that's okay, I guess. It's part of the old me anyway.

The main reason why I'm quite eager with this LJ thing again is because I want to explore the Kpop fanfic more. Yes, I have an account in AFF, but honestly...I'm really disappointed with the qualities of writing there. I'm not claiming that all of them are lousy, but the truth is... it's way much harder to find good fics in AFF than in fanfiction.net. And to be compared with ff.net...that means a lot. But then my friend told me that good Kpop fanfictions can easily be found in LJ community. I browsed for a while, and I realize that she is right. The writing style, the maturity of the writing, characterization, and plotline... they are much more developed in the LJ community. There are 2 communities that I'm having my eye on: the suju_het LJ community and the pyrotechnics community. I'm thinking of joining the aristocrats too actually. 

There are several things that I have to prepare first though. First and foremost, the stories (although I can export them from AFF, obviously) and I also need to learn how to do LJ cut first. I know, even the basic step seems so hard for me. But anyway, gonna try it soon. Or...perhaps, after I finish some chapters for my newest Kpop chaptered fic...
16 October 2007 @ 10:08 am
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